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Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Too Hot

It is pretty hot here, up to a hundred each day.  Got all the fans going here and at work.  I hope they get the new AC working at work sometime soon, but they say it will be a couple of weeks.  Well, it'll still be hot then, I'm sure!

This picture may take a bit of explaining.  Someone posted on Facebook one of them scary graphical posts (This ain't it, but it's pretty interesting all the same.) about rats coming up into YOUR TOILET via the sewer drain.

So I posted something about being armed at all times in the bathroom, and said while I didn't have a firearm, I DID have a Gerber Mark II Survival knife that I kept handy, and I sent this picture to the poster so they would know I tell the truth.

I found it is very hard to hold a double-edged knife securely in one's mouth, and I am very lucky I didn't hurt myself.  Don't try this at home, kids!

I saw this liquid tight 90 degree fitting and its accompanying piece of liquid tight flex (World's short piece??) and just had to take a picture.  The yardstick is for scale, in place of a banana.

Lastly we have two pictures I took today of chiles growing in the upside-down grower thing.  They just popped up, I didn't see them the other day!

That is about it for today, thanks for reading!


Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention, that liquid tight fitting is prices at $310.00 on one website I saw.

Anonymous said...

Dad, get a blender and make some salsa with those chiles. Just put in some tomato, onion and one chile, and some salt. Or dont' get a blender and just cut it all up to make pico de gallo. Use 2 tomatoes, quarter of an onion and one or two chiles. Those look to be serrano, and I think they are hotter than jalapeno. I usually use one jalapeno, or less. Take out the seeds if you don't want it too hot.

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