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Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Last Post Was WHEN??

It has been a while, and the pictures are piling up.  Some of them have been posted on the FB, if they look familiar.

September 12th, a Saturday

I was driving back from geocaching and saw this fine piece of machinery.  I stopped to take picture, and found there is a motorcycle shop there.  Right there, in the Egypt Garage!  Who knew?

I was entertaining thoughts of buying it...but I guess not.

September 13th, a Sunday

This is nothing but was to be a humorous selfie, except you can't read the sign.  It say something about Do Not Enter or something, but it's facing the wrong way, you would have to be IN the Refuge to read it.  I am on the legal side.  For once!

September 18th, a Friday

The construction guys say it never happened, but the AC actually was working on the 18th, just that one day.  Here is proof!

This was delivered to me by a courier.

I found a lake when I left work that afternoon!

September 22nd, a Tuesday

The Danish fishing boat Grenen, in a harbor?

More pictures of the boat.  It needs some serious TLC.

September 24th

Two lizards trapped between my screens over the vents, meant to keep rats out. I made a bigger hole, and one lizard managed an escape.  I don't know if the other one ever did, and I'm afeared to look!

While I had the camera out I tried to get a pic of this hummingird, I believe truly is a ruby-throated hummingbird.

And another of the chilies, as they are so red and photogenic.

It's either evaporative cooling, or drying a shirt that I don't care to put through the dryer.  Why not both?

Fooling around with a prism and a plastic sandwich.

September 26th, a Saturday

I got a call from the apartment manager this morning that there were BEES outside!  I took a look, not so many.

Later on it got bit noisy outside, so I looked out the window.  More bees!

A LOT more bees!

Through the spy hole in the front door.  The white thing is a dreamcatcher.  Some Indian school sends me them several times a year, along with notepads and such.

The bee guy came and killed most of the bees, I guess, or maybe took them away.  I didn't watch his work.  All that is left is bee bodies, though.  The have to get a key for the little room to see if any bees are in there.  The door has not been opened in decades.  It's a big mystery waiting to be solved!.

And that is pretty much it for today, yet another day in which I have not ventured out of doors.

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