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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I Been Busy?

My energy is up and down, right now it is kind of right in the middle, so I better post the pics!

Some of these images are REALLY LARGE! Like 400 or 500 KB!  Most of them are just average file size, a 100 KB more or less, plus or minus.

I'm pooped, there is going to be some very minimal commenting here!

I saw these two cars while geocaching in Chula Vista.

I see that black plant, and others, when I go through the Jack In The Box on Jackson Drive.  Very interesting plantings!

This is a Black Walnut tree in a creek bed.

In this zoomed-in image we see a Black Walnut.

Checking email?

I'm not sure what she is trying to communicate here.

Perusing the J.C. Whitney catalog.

That shy cat, not feeling too good.

Melted aluminum from the fires.

Just what IS that spot on my head?

Dr. Simi and me on the parking structure.  Also posted on the FB.

Near The Lips in Lemon Grove.

At Border Field State Park.

And there is the border, and Mexico, way back there!

Imperial Beach beach.  Eating Mexican food!

Several pictures of the Wullenweber antenna.


And another...

And yet another, in which I am forcing some sort of jovial grimace.

There's the pier.

A guy digging for...what/  Clams?

Surf's up!

Feet are wet!

The Yogurt Mill in El Cajon is a fun place, but you better be prepared to wait.  The line was nearly forty minutes long, and I waited in the car.  And they only take cash!

It was up to a hundred degrees in the library, and then it rained.

The temperature went down a bit, but the humidity went up.  The rain only lasted a few minutes.

Later I took this picture from the parking garage at Grossmont Hospital, and you can see the BIG CLOUDs moving off to the north.

It got cloudy again after I got home, and the wind blew, and thunder, and trees fell down all over San Diego, and the power went out, but very little of that happened at my place.

 And lastly we have Dr. Simi and me getting ready to go into the tube. Also posted to The FB.

Finally!  I'm going to bed!


1 comment:

Deanne said...

Geez, you certainly have been busy. Great pictures as always. Now I'm wishing I had some Mexican food!

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