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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Geocaching In Eastlake, Again

I headed out this morning to get the rest of the Eastlake Express geocaches.  Not much to report, except I got stung by a bee. I flagged down a pickup truck and the gentleman, whose name I forget, drove me to the fire station where the fireman on duty, whose name I forget, again, took my pulse and blood pressure.  I didn't seem to be reacting to the sting, so he let me go and I continued on my way. I guess either I'm NOT allergic to bees (maybe that WAS heatstroke in the Boulevard Bee Encounter), or the poor bee didn't get a chance to actually inject his venom.  Or her venom, I guess, since I recall that worker bees are female.

When I first got here I thought it would be a good idea to shove the cover (which was slightly ajar) down so the bees would be trapped.  Later I decided this was a stupid idea. I then thought I would flip the cover off completely so the bees would go away.  So, I did, with my walking stick, of course!  This was a stupid idea, too!  Even with the cover tight there was still a little hole that the bees were going in and out of, so there were still plenty of bees around.  I knocked the cover as you see it, and fell backwards with my great effort, and a bee flew up my pants to my ankle and did what he did.  I got up and ran, with a couple of bees following me, but I soon evaded them, or they gave up.

I scraped the stinger off, and flagged down the pickup truck, as mentioned above.

Later I came back and took the pictures.

I know you want to see the bees, so here are a couple of pics!

Yes, I used the telephoto zoom!

A hairy-legged pic of the sting zone, a couple of hours later.  Not at all swollen, just a little red. 

Later, driving home, I saw this truck.  Where was he when I needed him?

Found thirteen caches today, and didn't find three.  And one of those DNFs was the bee cache.

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Deanne said...

Zoinks! You were lucky that you only got one bee sting! Thank goodness no allergic reaction. You can always take some benadryl after getting stung by a bee just in case. ;o)

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